Fitness Support

Nakd Fitness coaching is about establishing a relationship; building trust, working together and strengthening the bond around motivation, education and client-specific goals.


Quarterly Boot Camp: Offering a social support aspect to your membership. Bring a friend for moral support or just for the challenge. The quarterly Boot Camp will add something extra to your training.

4 Weekly Re-Evaluation Session: Your 4 weekly re-evaluation is focused on evaluation of progress toward current goals and making professional judgement about continued planning, coaching and care, and if necessary, modifying goals.

Weekly Goal Setting/Tracking: Success does not come overnight, but it will come. Setting your goals and tracking your progress weekly will help you achieve your goals faster.

The bottom line is that to be truly successful in fat loss, muscle gain, and or fitness, you need to do the following three things:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Track what is working
  3. Adjust if required

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Quarterly Seminar: Your Nakd Fitness Quarterly Seminar breaks down all the elements required for your plan to be effective, sustainable and successful. The seminars address the what, why, when and how; and bring together the theory and practice of your coaching.

4-Weekly Recipe Book: The Nakd Fitness Cookbook will allow you to get creative in the kitchen, make sure your meals include a variety of foods, and promises that every plate will be as delicious as the last.

Detailed Body Comp. Analysis: Body Composition is the proportion of fat and non-fat mass (muscle, bones, and organs) in your body. Knowing your body composition can help us assess your current health and fitness level.

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Optimum Results

DNA Testing: Explore your health in detail. Results provide a selection of in-depth and easy to use genetic insights to help you personalise your diet, help optimise your workouts, and learn how your body responds to stress.

Detailed Performance Analysis: Performance analysis is the technique of studying or comparing your actual potential and physical condition, thus avoiding over-training downturns, and assisting in reaching optimum results.

Nutrition Consultation: Your nutritional consultation is an opportunity to work closely with a trained nutritionist to improve the food you eat. The aim is to enhance your results and improve your overall health through nutritional intervention.

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